A1 Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Project Details

Logo Design for  Sydney based small business A1 Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control. A1  is a reputable, locally owned carpet cleaning, cleaning and pest control service that was founded by two cousins. The pair came to us, unsure about where their business was heading. They had no brand identity, non existent social media and a poor quality logo that had no connection to their personalities or brand.

We designed a new logo that captured the vibrant, friendly, quality services A1 offers and completely transformed their colour palette. We used blue to promote trust and wisdom, green to do promote purity and freshness and yellow to promote enthusiasm and passion.

We also assisted the team with branding, Marketing and Social Media to increase their followers, reach and engagement on content. The cousins’ cultural heritage, their passion for the industry and helping families are important aspects which we included in their re-brand.

As there was no previous branding done, we helped them define better value propositions and mission statement. A social media strategy was also implemented to help the team enhance their overall competitive edge.

  • Client: A1 Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control
  • Tasks: Logo Design, Branding, Social media, Marketing

Logo Design


A1 sydney logo

Logo icons

Logo Icon

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Logo Icon White

cleaning pest control logo white

Logo Icon Black

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Logo Font Standard

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Logo Font White

carpet cleaning and pest control font white

Logo Font Standard Dark

carpet cleaning and pest control font dark

Logo Font Black

carpet cleaning and pest control font black

Social Media

Facebook Profile

A1 cleaning and pest control facebook profile

Facebook Cover

A1 cleaning and pest control facebook cover

Re-opening Announcement

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Sydney Freedomday

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Support Local

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Post-lockdown Sale

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Mockup Design

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Instagram Re-brand

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