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Project Details

Logo Design for  Perkins Accounts to launch an online presence and brand identity. Perkins Accounts is a vibrant, quirky, inclusive and innovative Australian brand that offers affordable bookkeeping, accounts management and administrative services. The founder Miriam wanted a professional and aesthetically pleasing logo design that was inviting.

We also assisted with branding, Marketing and Social Media to build an audience for Perkins Accounts. Miriam is a chronically ill woman and her disability is an important aspect of her story which we included in her brand design. Perkins Accounts also specialise in helping  small business and start ups take control of their finances and admin, which were also important aspects that needed to be translated as part of their branding.

A detailed marketing plan was also given to Miriam to help her understand ways to market to her audience. The marketing plan  offered guidance and direction to grow her brand and also build a supportive community for women with disability and local businesses.

  • Client: Perkins Accounts
  • Tasks: Logo Design, Branding, Social media, Marketing

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