Savannah Shopify E-commerce Store

Project Details

Shopify E-Commerce Store  for Savannah Fashions –  an Australian based fashion brand founded by Tarisai that specializes in African clothing and accessories. Tarisai came to us looking to get a stronger online presence and setup an online  store for her customers to shop easily for her unique products.  Tarisai went with Shopify as an option that was suitable for her budget.

We assisted Savannah Fashions to bring her vision to life and create a website store that was modern, clean and professional.  The images were full of vibrant print and colour so we used white as  the main  background color to emphasizes clarity and remove any visual obstacles to create an easy shopping experience for customers. We also branded images on the homepage to reflect the brand and bring a unique look to the Shopify store.

We also implemented a product filtering system and an easy checkout solution, enabling customers to purchase products online.

  • Client: Savannah Fashions
  • Tasks: Shopify E-commerce Store

E-commerce Website

Savannah Fashions Website

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